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Andy Meehan

Chief Compliance Officer, Gemini

John Ho

Co-Head of Financial Markets, Wholesale Banking Legal, Standard Chartered Bank

Jason Lee

Managing Director, Legal & Regulations, Temasek

Kenneth Bok

Founder & Managing Director, Blocks

Alex Pillow

Product & Strategy, Moody's Analytics

Angelina Kwan

Senior Advisor to the Board, HashKey Group

Caroline Bowler

CEO, BTC Markets

Ari Redbord

Head of Legal and Government Affairs, TRM Labs

Douglas Arner

Kerry Holdings Professor, University of Hong Kong

Bill Coen

ex-Secretary General, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

An Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Varied regulatory approaches across jurisdictions are creating uncertainty for crypto markets. However, given relentless investor demand and increasing institutional participation in the asset class, one way or another regulators will have to take action to both promote investor freedoms and safeguard against risk and consumer harm.

From New York to London to Singapore, all eyes are on the decisions being made by lawmakers and regulators to ensure crypto markets remain accessible, are safe and resilient, and are not used for illicit purposes.

This half day event will explore the APAC regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, global stablecoins and other digital assets, as well as best practices for crypto businesses and incumbent financial institutions to mitigate risk and safeguard investors as the industry matures.

This event will be hosted in an online format by Regulation Asia.

09:00 - 09:30
Registration & Check your Tech
09:30 - 09:35
Chairman’s Welcome
09:35 - 09:50
Opening Regulatory Keynote Address:
09:50 - 10:05
Regulatory Keynote Address:
10:05 - 10:50
Opening Panel: DeFi-CeFi Outlook: Risk, Regulation and the Rise of Decentralised Financial Crime
DeFi applications have been undergoing a period of rapid development and adoption worldwide, and regulators have started to take notice. This panel will discuss the benefits and risks of DeFi, the rise of financial crime in the DeFi ecosystem, emerging regulatory frameworks, and the implications for financial crime compliance.
Andy Meehan, Chief Compliance Officer, Gemini
Angelina Kwan, Senior Advisor to the Board, HashKey Group
Senior Representative, Elliptic
Vince Turcotte, Director, Eventus
Moderator: Bradley Maclean, Co-founder, Regulation Asia
10:50 - 11:35
Panel: Fraud, Cybercrime and the Crypto Nexus
11:35 - 11:55
Presentation: Digging into the Darkside: Sources of Wealth, Emerging Crypto Crime Trends & Typologies
This presentation will focus on emerging financial crime typologies and red flags in the crypto-asset sector, and measures that can be put in place by the industry to guard against money laundering and terrorist financing risks.
Ari Redbord, Head of Legal and Government Affairs, TRM Labs
11:55 - 12:10
Networking Break
12:10 - 12:55
Panel: Unintended Consequences: Regulation, Supervision and Oversight of CBDCs & Global Stablecoins
The emergence of stablecoins will continue to challenge the effectiveness of existing regulatory and supervisory approaches, while CBDCs will likely yield impacts to financial and monetary systems that go far beyond current imagination. This panel will discuss the challenges the banking, payments, and securities sectors face, as well as regulatory remedies being considered across jurisdictions.
John Ho, Co-Head of Financial Markets, Wholesale Banking Legal, Standard Chartered Bank
Douglas Arner, Kerry Holdings Professor, University of Hong Kong
12:55 - 13:15
Presentation: Beyond the Hype: Sanctions Compliance in Crypto
The crypto-enabled financial activities of certain nation-state actors present real and significant risks to the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. There is a need to monitor and address the risks of nation-states leveraging cryptocurrencies to address geopolitical issues, and designated entities and individuals using them to circumvent sanctions. This panel will explore the use of cryptocurrency, stablecoins and other digital assets as sanctions-busting tools.
Presented by
Neil Vaz, Proposition Sales, Refinitiv
13:15 - 14:00
Panel: Regulatory Arbitrage and the Golden Age of Stablecoins, NFTs and GameFi
The growth in NFTs is largely due to their ability to transform value for creators, which is seen in new use cases such as video games, referred to as GameFi. The increasing interest in NFTs, GameFi and the play-to-earn model, however, presents risks to investors in digital assets. This session will explore these risks and expectations for the industry.
Malcolm Wright, Chair, Advisory Council, Global Digital Finance
Kenneth Bok, Founder & Managing Director, Blocks
Allison Owen, Research Analyst, RUSI
14:00 - 14:20
Fireside Chat: Crypto and Bank Capital Requirements
14:20 - 15:05
Panel: Building a Blueprint for Banks in the Crypto Sector
Banks have been slowly but surely entering the crypto space, a result of increasing demand from private banking and wealth management clients. This panel will focus on the controls banks should have in place to engage with the crypto sector, and explore way to address de-banking concerns while also mitigating risk and meeting regulatory requirements around capital and investor protection.
Boon-Hiong Chan, Global Head Fund Services & Head APAC Market Advocacy, Deutsche Bank
Caroline Bowler, CEO, BTC Markets
Alex Pillow, Product & Strategy, Moody’s Analytics
15:05 - 15:25
Fireside Chat: Prime Time for Crypto Derivatives
As digital assets become more mainstream for investors, increased attention is also being paid to their related derivatives. Crypto derivatives, however, have unique characteristics which are not yet addressed by existing definitions and standards used by the financial industry. This session will seek to identify these characteristics and outline the path forward for creating a robust framework of standards and documentation to enhance transparency and consistency, and reduce risk.
In conversation with
Scott O’Malia, CEO, ISDA
15:25 - 15:40
Networking Break
15:40 - 16:25
Panel: Trading & Crypto
16:25 - 17:10
Panel: Beyond Market Neutral - Asset Managers and Proprietary Positions in Crypto
The global crypto asset management market is projected to grow from USD 400 million in 2021 to USD 1.2 billion by 2026. For this growth to be achieved, asset managers need to be certain they are addressing regulatory considerations, that the digital assets they hold are secure, and that their business operations are adapted to accommodate the change.
Jason Lee, Managing Director, Legal, Temasek
Neil Thomas, Regional Head APAC, SIX
17:10 - 17:15
Chairman's Closing Remarks

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